Winters Reflection

This winter has held on and kept reminding us of the bitterness of the cold. But In the cold I am reminded of the transition of rain becoming snow. How every snow flake is just as unique as the creator and His creation. 


I walked around downtown Columbus on my lunch break. Had the best fish tacos ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป btw. I began to think about as a photographer how I can get stuck in pattern of familiarity and the style of photographs I take look the same. Leaving me unsatisfied and feeling mundane, in that uninspired to create new visuals. We long to create and to be validated by what we create but end searching in all the wrong place to feel that void. In most of our acomplishments the time taken to do our best will never be aplauded and may never be seen. Just like the snow flake that holds details of would take a mere human to manufacture a week to replicate. It is so easy for God to just create out of thin air, literally snow drops out of the air! Haha

This is old but I am trying to be intentional to post more of my iPhone photos and share the thoughts that I never release. Itโ€™s part therapeutical and to bring healing in the heart that fales to exspose the successes and falures that I face as a bride of Christ. 

This is a more relevant thought that I just had, but winter is almost holding on because something has not change with in the eco system for spring to come. God wonโ€™t let you fail the tests that life brings, He will give you them over an over till we are victorious. For how could a man become like Christ unless he is victorious just like the one He loves. 

My prayer is that lord find me faithful and full of victory so I am ready for the seasons to come. You are the source of my life and strength in You I give what I lack. For the growth that is reaquired of me demands the lion of victory to roar.

Thank you Abba,  

Matthew Garsky